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A Lavender Guide For The Idyllic Gardens

A Lavender Guide For The Idyllic Gardens

In this blog we discuss the top 3 types of lavender and why these varieties should be in your basket this season.  

With the garden already filled with plants, a low maintenance plant is exactly what we need, this is why Lavender is the ideal plant, not only for the experts and plant collectors but also for beginners, you simply can't go wrong with this plant. 


How To Care For Lavender

One of the first steps with outdoor plants is finding the right spot, not too shaded and not too hidden. For Lavender, a full sun spot is perfect and will make your plant very happy. However, you must make sure your lavender isn't exposed to the wind.  

When it comes to the soil, a Lavender plant isn't very fond of sitting in damp or wet soil, so great drainage is a must. Lavender also only requires regular watering if newly planted or in hotter conditions so is allowed to dry out in between watering, meaning this is the perfect for the gardeners that may find their gardens face some neglect 


Choosing the Right Variety Of Lavender for your garden: 

As a garden center we must start with our personal favourite rite, Hidcote Lavender.  

With a rich dark purple colour, this lavender can grow up to 20 inches tall, making this plant perfect for planted boarders and hedging, Hidcote Lavender can also grow 24 inches to 30 inches wide with the correct soil conditions, for example loam, sand or chalk. 


If are looking for an easy to care for plant while carrying that delicate look, the lavender variety, Beezee white is perfect for adding a little extra to your planted arrangements and low hedging. This lavender can grow up to 20 inches tall with its light grey leaves and free flowering white ‘spikes’ 


For the summer colours we just had to add in Lavender ‘fairy Wings’. with this plant growing up to 20inches in height it's the ideal choice for patio containers, especially for when summers over, this evergreen plant will let you keep the colour or all year round, helping you avoid that yearly frustration of watching your hard work become sparse. 


If you're looking for a plant a little taller but still carrying that delicate look, you must take a look at French Lavender, specifically the Lavandula Stoechas which grows on a stem. This type of lavender can grow up to 1 meter tall. Stoechas lavender has an upright look with a dark color to its flowers. 

 Lavender Recipe ideas

Not only can Lavender lift your garden with colour and fragrance, but can be used in recipes. Have you ever tried adding dried Lavender to baked goods like cookies and cakes or infuse honey with lavender for something sweet, or even create a warm hot tea. There are endless possibilities with Lavender, and something for everyone to love.