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10 Essential Tools for Any Garden

10 Essential Tools for Any Garden
Our overall essentials for gardening are:
1. gardening gloves
2. pruners
3. trowel
4. watering can or hose
5. flexy bucket
6. fork
7. hoe
8. broom
9. spade
10. tool belt
Whether you are new to gardening or have been gardening for some time, you may be missing a key tool to your gardening set.
We have gathered all the essential tools for you to start gardening today.
One necessity you cannot forget is gloves. Protect your hands by either pruning those roses or pulling out those weeds. There are many different types of gloves you need for each season; however as dead heading is a job for June, hard cover gloves are a must!
When it comes to tools, and like we said before, dead heading and pruning is a June chore. You will need to make sure you own a pair of pruners. With one of these tools, your plants will stay healthy and colourful.
As gardeners, we love getting more creative in mixing different plants in a bright colourful hanging basket, or even growing our own fruit or veg for a tastier treat. To make this a little bit easier and less messy, a trowel will be your friend.
Now we all know that plants need watering, so we need to make sure we have a watering can in our supplies. However, for an upgrade, a hose or portable waterer is a great investment for those growing gardens.
We can all admit that when it comes to our gardens, there are always a few plants we accidentally neglect. So when it comes to dead heading and pulling off dead leaves, a flexy bucket can catch all your rubbish ready to be thrown away.
For the plants that need to be replaced, a fork can be great for breaking up that soil where your new fresh plant will be.
For when the weather is warmer, you will start to notice a faster growing of weeds. To keep on top of this, you'll need a hoe. This tool also allows you to pull out those hard-to-get weeds.
Not only do we want to keep our plants looking fresh, but also our overall garden. Using a broom will brush away all the soil and leaves left behind from your day in the garden, leaving it looking neat and tidy.
Many of us like making a good investment in our gardens or have made a big investment ourselves. For these bigger plants, like trees, that need that deeper space in the ground, a spade is necessity. Also like the trowel, it helps break up that soil making planting that new plant that little bit easier.
Now with all our new supplies, we are now looking for a great place to store them all at once. So for a gardener, a tool belt is the easiest and laziest way to carry all our tools ready for use at any time.