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The Ultimate Outdoor Barbecue Experience

The Ultimate Outdoor Barbecue Experience
Who doesn't like a good barbecue?
With the weather improving and the longest day of the year on our doorstep, we have updated our collection of barbecues with an even bigger variety.
Whether you're looking for aesthetics, durability, and/or practicality, our range covers all the bullet points you can think of. From rustic Indian-inspired fire-bowls to sparkling new American made grills, have your pick this summer!
"Family entertainment is what Broil King is all about". Our newest arrival uses their legendary cooking system that's made to maximize heat retention and vaporize juices to add flavour. The enclosed cook box design, with restricted air vents, maintains heat, making it extremely fuel-efficient (whether you choose to put the lid up or down).
Choose from a range of sizes and types, like the improved Regal series that's made to assist you in preparing delectable meals that will undoubtedly be the talk of the party.
If you're after something that will satisfy your aesthetic eye as well as durability, look no further than Kadai. The first ever barbecue fire-bowl combination that is all about being outdoors and around people. With kits coming in various sizes, ranging from 60cm to 120cm, you'll find a perfect fit for your garden in our showroom. Even when it's not in use, Kadai can be left on a stand with a shield to keep the Kadai beds dry during the summer months, further adding to the charm of your garden.
If a Hybrid barbecue is what you're after, look no further than Grill Stream. Craving something extra? Grill Stream's smash-grills are a perfect way to spice up your garden parties. With a sizeable non-stick flat plate surface, it offers an ample cooking surface, suitable for preparing all meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The Smash-Grill makes it unnecessary to move between different grills or pans, allowing users to quickly and easily make a variety of foods, including mean, stir-fried veggies, fried eggs and other common barbecue fare.
From gas to wood, from barbecues to pizza ovens, explore the many more suppliers we have on both sites, ready to make your experience that much better.